90 day fiance store

Welcome to our 90 Day Fiance Store. We take pride in designing the best 90 Day Fiance Gifts and Merchandise. Our vibrant and colorful products are perfect for anyone that is obsessed with all things 90 Day.

Does your 90 Day Fiance Store charge shipping fees or taxes?

No, we do not charge shipping fees or taxes on any of our items. We don’t believe in hidden costs. We take pride in offering our 90 Day Fiance products at the lowest possible prices. What you see is what you get!

Do you offer discounts for buying more than one item?

Yes we do! You get a 20% discount for 2 items, 25% for 3 items, and 30% for 4+ items. The discount is automatically added as a coupon at the checkout page.

Do you guarantee delivery times?

No, delivery times are out of our control. If you need an item for a special occasion, we recommend ordering ahead of time. As a general time frame, almost all our orders are delivered within 2 weeks, but again, this is not a guarantee.

What if my item arrives damaged?

Have no fear! This is a very rare occurrence, but if it happens, we provide you with two options. After sending us a picture of the damaged item, you can choose between a full refund, or we will ship you a replacement free of any charges.

Do you create custom 90 Day Fiance Gifts and Merchandise?

Yes! Our 90 Day Fiance Store has the capability of creating most of your ideas. Simply let us know what you want through our contact page.

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